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Zipments Brochure

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One of the first print pieces I created for Zipments was a simple piece of collateral to introduce prospective customers to our service. It was also early on in the repositioning of our company from peer-to-peer and into the professional realm. A really big component of this shift was the guarantee. Instead of getting simply getting bids from people available to be your courier for the day, we now had connected with the courier community in New York City. Seamless and certain delivery.

I wanted to emphasize this connectivity and cohesiveness in the service, and being a young startup, illustration was a great way to save the budget from photography that may not fit the messaging within a year, if not 6 months even. Point A to Point B, with visible, trackable routes to ensure confidence and clarity about what is happening after your packages head out the door.

  • Print
  • Brochure
  • Art Direction
Details Completed August 2012

Created at Zipments