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Logo Design

Project Information

Logo design from various studios, freelance, and personal projects.

Cameron Breen Realty advisor (Dodd Creative)

Sandbox Productions Leadership management consultants (freelance)

Lake of Stars Malawi non-profit music festival (student)

Midtown Student housing (Dodd Creative)

Purus Water filtration company (student)

Dog Point New Zealand wine company (student)

Stash Memphis furniture store (Deluge Studio)

The Villages - Airforce housing (Dodd Creative)

REI - Recreational Equipment Inc rebrand (student)

Kroger - Large grocery rebrand (student)

Hebron 121 Station - Apartments in Dallas (Dodd Creative)

Crown Heights Culture Club - Youth community program (Freelance)

  • Brand
  • Identity
  • Logo
  • Illustration
  • Art Director